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All of these restaurants have made two commitments: a focus on race and gender equity, and improving working conditions for all hospitality professionals

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With extensive support from restaurant leaders and national racial and worker justice organizations – Race Forward, One Fair Wage, and RAISE: High Road Restaurants – we have produced our High Road Restaurants Training program.

We provide restaurant management with practical resources for determining to what extent racially inequitable policies and practices are operating in your restaurant and how to transform them. We aim to help you identify where racial bias — whether conscious or unconscious — might be operating in the functions or policies of your restaurant, thus harming the future of your employees of color and your business as a whole.      

The High Road program includes racial equity training, technical assistance, coaching, and peer-to-peer mentorship, as well as numerous implementation templates. We hope that together, these resources will support restaurants in making a transition to racial equity policies. 

To begin the journey towards race equity in your restaurant, please fill out the information below. You will then receive a digital copy of the toolkit.