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How guests can support High Road Restaurants

  • Sign petitions that support policy changes to a full minimum wage with tips on top. You can start with this petition for New York restaurant workers.
  • directory. Let managers know you chose them because of their High Road practices
  • Highlight these High Road Restaurant members on your social media.
  • Tag @highroadrestaurants when posting pictures on social media. 
  • Ask to speak to managers about wage and race equity in their restaurants.Have you observed BIPOC people working in the front of house? If not, ask them why there aren’t. Ask if they pay a full minimum wage with tips on top. Let them know that there’s an organization here ready and willing to help them.

Help us with our #AskTheManager campaign

  • Post pictures of food, drink, and restaurants
  • Tag the restaurant/owner/chef and @highroadrestaurants and #AskTheManager if they are committed to #wagingchange.
  • Sample Caption: Hey @restaurantxyz, I live in your area, dine out often, and believe in social justice.  I want to #askthemanager – Is race and gender equity important to you? Do you believe that it’s important to fight for the most marginalized in your industry?  Are you committed to full wages for tipped employees?  I think you should join @highroadrestaurants and advocate for #wagingchange.  Wage equity is race equity – and we need you to be a leader in the industry.

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