Dignity, Equity, Community

Restaurants committed to taking the High Road to profitability.

We are a national network of restaurant owners who are committed to racial and gender justice every day.  This includes how we compensate our employees, define our culture, staff our restaurants, and serve our guests.

High Road Restaurants advocate for fair wages and increased racial and gender equity through hiring, training, and promotional practices.  We believe that our teams are essential to our success.

Our Path

Supporting Our Members

RAISE: High Road Restaurants offers our members resources and training to help implement best practices in increasing diversity and providing safe spaces for our team.

RAISE: High Road Restaurants provides consumer outreach that helps educate and engage customers on the true cost of food and hospitality.

RAISE: High Road Restaurants connects a nationwide community of like minded owners committed to taking care of their employees.  We provided peer to peer support and monthly conversations to encourage others to take the High Road to profitability. 

This work is steady and ongoing, but it is achievable. We are excited and honored to share this road with you.  Thank you for being in community with us. 

High Road Restaurants that have implemented our suggested models show:

  • Decline of sexual harassment up to 50%
  • Greater sense of teamwork
  • More diversity in staff
  • Lower turnover rates